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kollage SQUARE™

Passionate about Manufacturing the Highest-Quality Knitting Needles

Every Purchase Supports Inclusive Employment Opportunities for People with Disabilities

Our Reputation Speaks

I began knitting in 2008, and I’m not kidding when I say I’ve tried almost every type of knitting needle on the market. When I got my first pair of kollage SQUARE Circular needles, I was skeptical - they couldn’t be THAT different, could they? Imagine my surprise when I realized that my chronic wrist pain had alleviated, and I was able to knit for hours without strain! My physiotherapist could even tell the difference, and now I have orders to never use any other type of needles again. I'm a fan for life!

— Rebecca on Ravelry

Needles with a Story

For over 40 years, Career Services has helped thousands of people with disabilities find employment.

Every needle purchased enables us to provide inclusive training, real work experiences and community employment for those we serve.

Career Services

Career Services

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