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It’s simple! Lifetime Warranty on all our Needles, if the manufacturing quality is not 100% we will replace the Needle!

We are so proud of our Needles we stand behind them.


If you need the needle replaced send an email to with pictures and description of the issue.  We may require you to mail the needle back so we can fix it, or we may just send you a replacement.  If you do not have email, send your needle back to our address on the “contact us page” and we will make sure the needle is replaced.

Needle Replacement

  • Describe the problem
  • Please provide - needle type, length, cable length, sizing, and type of cable (soft or firm) IE: Circular US4, 24" firm cable.
  • store name, location
  • Drop files here or
  • This warranty is based on manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship for the lifetime of the needle, for the original buyer. We reserve the right to refuse needles that are damaged from abuse, misuse, or malicious destruction. (example, your dog eats the cable) We also will limit the amount of returns by customers if excessive and/or misrepresented. If a product is no longer produced the warranty may be discontinued on that item, we will however replace with the next suitable replacement. Our warranty ONLY covers the replacement of the item, any other liabilities, claims and/or obligations are excluded. Shipping and/or any other costs associated with the replacement are the responsibility of the buyer. Needles that have **AS IS** etched on the needle are excluded from the warranty.

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